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Hi there, my name is Lissa Nickels. I am here to talk about kitchen equipment used in restaurants. Skilled chefs used a wide range of equipment to prepare appetizers, entrees and desserts. Each piece of equipment performs a specific action to perfect the dish. The look, feel and taste of that item is directly affected by the type of oven, toaster or grill used to prepare it. I would like to share information about all of the different dishes created using each type of equipment. I will even talk about maintenance and repairs required to keep the equipment in good working order. I hope that you will visit my site often to learn more. Thank you for coming to my website.


Opening A Sports Bar? 4 Things You Must Have

A sports bar, such as Atlas Pizza & Sports Bar, means a few obvious things: sports, food, and girls. Well, at least to the minds of most guys who attend these eateries. You need to make sure that your sports bar holds the entertainment value people need in order to be successful. Here are 4 things you must have if you plan on being a sports bar success.

Quick foods

When a crowd of people walk in to enjoy a game, the last thing they want to do is have to peruse a menu for several minutes and then have to wait many more minutes to get their fare. Have quick foods on a menu (or offer them at the table complementary), such as chips and salsa, popcorn, peanuts, or even a fruit and dip bowl. Quick foods don't take a lot of time to prepare, and give people something to nosh on while they wait for drinks or find a minute to order their real meal.

Outside dining

Some people, believe it or not, don't go to sports bars for the games, they go for the exciting atmosphere and the food. This is where an outdoor dining area comes in handy. Outdoor dining gives people a place to chill and enjoy a great meal without the boisterous crowd or loud television sets ruining conversation. It also gives sports lovers a place to hang out when their team is losing or when they want to get a break from all the action.

Full bar

Some sports bars only offer beer and wine, which is fine, but if you want to be a stand-out sports bar, you need to have a full array of alcoholic beverages. Make sure you have a trained bartender who can take on any kind of mixed drinks so your sports bar can double as a late-night hangout for those who want a fun atmosphere for a weekend retreat.

Late hours

You want to stay open well past midnight so you can attract a stronger party crowd, especially on weekends. Late-night sports lovers will continue to stay at your restaurant to eat, drink, and be merry so long as your doors are open to them. This makes them more likely to continue visiting your establishment long after their favorite sport has ended for the season so you can maintain customer loyalty.

A sports bar should be all about an easy menu, various seating sections, flexible hours, and a great variety of drinks. If you can combine all these things into your own sports bar, you can be very successful.