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Exploring Kitchen Equipment

Hi there, my name is Lissa Nickels. I am here to talk about kitchen equipment used in restaurants. Skilled chefs used a wide range of equipment to prepare appetizers, entrees and desserts. Each piece of equipment performs a specific action to perfect the dish. The look, feel and taste of that item is directly affected by the type of oven, toaster or grill used to prepare it. I would like to share information about all of the different dishes created using each type of equipment. I will even talk about maintenance and repairs required to keep the equipment in good working order. I hope that you will visit my site often to learn more. Thank you for coming to my website.


Tired Of Conventional Beers? Try Microbreweries And Craft Beer

When you are on the lookout for a new place to have a great beer, you might notice the term "microbrewery" thrown around periodically and you might wonder what this means and what you should expect. In the most simplistic terms, a microbrewery is a brewery that cannot produce more than 15,000 barrels of beer a year.


One of the main reasons why microbreweries produce such a small number of beers is that they will often create boutique beers. These are often made for a specific period of time. For example, beers produced by a microbrewery might only be created for a limited period of time. These beers are often created to showcase specific ingredients.

One of the great things about a microbrewery is that it does not have as wide a distribution as what you would experience with large breweries. Therefore, you will be drinking a beer that is more unique, and that might be reflective of the locale you received it from. In some cases, a microbrewery might be picked up by a larger distribution, but then it will lose its microbrewery status.

Some microbreweries are attached to a restaurant or pub. This makes it easier for the brewery to promote itself. These are sometimes referred to as brewpubs. Also, these establishments will be promoting themselves in beer festivals. This is a great opportunity for you to try unconventional beers. Back at the brewery, there is often a tasting room, so you can find out what you're getting yourself into before you order a drink.

Craft Breweries

A craft brewery has different requirements. An independently-owned craft brewery can only produce 2 million gallons of beer a year. There are more restrictions on the techniques that a craft brewery can use. The craft beer must contain at least 50% traditional malt. Craft breweries often serve beer in a can because this helps keep the beer cool longer. However, it is important to pour the beer in a glass before drinking to avoid the metallic taste.

Farmhouse Breweries

A farmhouse brewery is a long tradition that governments have granted permissions to. As long as a portion of the ingredients used to brew a beer come from a particular farm, farmers can brew low ABV beer as a reward for workers. This type of beer will have a more unique flavor. If you are a beer-lover and are tired of the usual beers that are widely distributed, you should try to seek out these alternative establishments.

For more information, contact your local distillery.