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4 Tips For A Successful, Profitable Brunch Service

Serving brunch is a common way for restaurants to bring in more revenue on the weekend. Diners expect to spend more on brunch than on breakfast, so the check average is higher. Plus, the hours are later, so your staff gets a chance to come in a bit later on the weekend. But how do you make sure your restaurant's brunch service is successful and profitable? Here are some key tips to follow.

Use up extras from the week

One great thing about brunch is how varied the menu can be. You can have savory dishes that are essentially lunch dishes, but also sweeter, breakfast-like dishes. This gives you lots of opportunities to use up whatever ingredients you have from the previous week. If you have sliced beef left, put a roast beef sandwich on the menu. Or maybe you have lots of bread. Then, it's time to feature breakfast sandwiches. This approach reduces waste and increases profits.

Create a calm ambiance

Most customers want brunch to feel calm and a little bit special. Some will be really tired from the work week. Others may be a little hungover from partying the night before. Do what you can to create this calm ambiance, such as playing slow music, putting fresh flowers on every table, and encouraging your staff to be cheery, yet calm.

Consider a buffet setup

Buffets, in general, are not as common as they once were. But brunch buffets are still popular, and they have a lot of benefits for both the restaurant and customers. Brunch buffets are easier on your staff, as they won't have to serve every table. Plus, customers like being able to choose their own dishes. Put the less-expensive food at the beginning of the buffet line to maximize profits and conserve the more expensive items.

Include specialty drinks

If your restaurant serves alcohol, it is absolutely worth having the bartender create a few specialty brunch drinks. Your own signature bloody Mary, a mimosa made with a specific champagne—these are the things that really draw customers in. If you can offer brunch drinks by the pitcher, do so. This will appeal to larger groups of friends.

Brunch service can be a profitable thing for a restaurant, as it is a unique meal to prep and serve to your customers. Keep the tips above in mind as you go about preparing a brunch meal at your restaurant.