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Exploring Kitchen Equipment

Hi there, my name is Lissa Nickels. I am here to talk about kitchen equipment used in restaurants. Skilled chefs used a wide range of equipment to prepare appetizers, entrees and desserts. Each piece of equipment performs a specific action to perfect the dish. The look, feel and taste of that item is directly affected by the type of oven, toaster or grill used to prepare it. I would like to share information about all of the different dishes created using each type of equipment. I will even talk about maintenance and repairs required to keep the equipment in good working order. I hope that you will visit my site often to learn more. Thank you for coming to my website.



Restaurants Near the Freshest Seafood: Where to Go and Why It’s Important

While you can get "fresh" seafood just about anywhere, the freshest seafood is the stuff that is caught and served in the same day. If you are not in-the-know, there are certain states where you should go for specific fresh seafood items. If you want it absolutely fresh, not more than eight hours old, here are the states to go to for specific seafood items. Maine for Lobster More lobster is caught off the coast of Maine than any other state. Read More 

Benefits Of Holding A Homework Group At Your Local Sandwich Shop

If you are going to be putting together a homework group and trying to think of what would be a good setting, you may actually want to consider doing so at your local sandwich shop. You can learn about some of the reasons why a sandwich shop can be a great homework group environment here: You can all sit a good amount of space from one another Most sandwich shops have great seating for things like homework groups. Read More 

How To Make Flat, Crunchy Pizza

If you've traveled to Italy and ordered a pizza, then you know how unique the flat, crispy-crusted creations are. The crust has a distinct crunchiness on the outside but is tender and chewy on the inside. And the sauce and cheese are just so delectable, too. Here's some good news for you: You don't have to travel back to Italy in order to enjoy this style of pizza again. Here's how to make a flat, crunchy pizza at home. Read More