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Ordering Pizza Delivery During The Pandemic

With the COVID-19 pandemic changing the way restaurants operate, many have begun offering delivery and takeout services. One sector of the restaurant world that has changed the least is pizza delivery restaurants. They were already driving pizza to homes before the pandemic. That much has not changed, but there have been some changes to pizza delivery etiquette and procedures in recent months. Here are some things to be aware of and to do when you order pizza delivery during the pandemic.

Wear your mask when you answer the door.

Pizza delivery drivers come into contact with many people during a shift. They need to protect themselves from the virus while doing so. Most will, therefore, wear masks; local health departments and states often require it. You should be polite by also wearing a mask when you answer the door to get your pizza. Doing so not only protects you but also the driver.

If you answer the door and find that your delivery person has set the food on the step and backed away, don't be shocked. This is another way that drivers are practicing social distancing to keep themselves and customers safe.

Take off the outer bag.

Pizza delivery restaurants used to just send their pizzas out in cardboard boxes. These days, though, most are putting a plastic bag over the cardboard box. This allows you to remove the plastic bag while you are still outside and throw it away. Since the driver should only have touched the plastic bag and not the box, this reduces your risk of contracting COVID-19 via surface contact. 

Allow some extra time.

Pizza restaurants have had to implement a lot of new procedures to keep their staff and customers safe. They have also been busy since more people have been ordering delivery — and pizza is the first delivery food most people think of. As such, it may take your favorite pizza restaurant a little longer to prepare your food than it used to. If they used to always get your pizza to you in 20 minutes, it may take 40 now. Order ahead of time to account for this likely delay, and be understanding; the restaurants are doing the best they can.

Pizza delivery is still a great choice during the pandemic, but there are a few extra steps and precautions you should take. Keep the information above in mind as you order.

To learn more, contact a pizza delivery place.