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Pizza: It's Actually A Great Option For Date Night!

When you think about date night foods, you may think about more upscale options like steak, seafood, and sushi. Pizza is probably not the first food that comes to mind. But actually, pizza can be a better date night food than it gets credit for! Here are a few reasons to visit a pizza restaurant on your next date, along with some tips for an excellent pizza date.

Why Pizza Makes Great Date Night Food

It's casual

While there are times when fancy foods are called for, sometimes you want food that encourages you to feel laid back and more like yourself. If you're anxious on dates, eating food that feels more approachable can help lighten the mood. Pizza is familiar and still delicious. You won't find yourself worrying whether you're eating it correctly, or whether you're pronouncing its name right.

It's easy to customize

If you do not know your date that well, you don't want to risk taking them out for food they don't like. For instance, it would be a shame to take someone to a steakhouse and then learn they are a vegetarian! Pizza can be customized to fit almost any diet, making it a good choice for those early dates when you're still getting to know someone. 

It invites conversation

Pizza, in itself, is a conversation piece. You can ask your date about their favorite toppings, the best pizza they ever had, what kinds of sauce they prefer, and so much more!

Tips for Great Pizza Date

If you want to have a great pizza date, make sure you go to a pizza restaurant you've visited before. You will be more familiar with the options, so you can recommend toppings and pizza choices to your date.

Offer to share a pizza with your date, but if you find that the two of you like different toppings, do not hesitate to order separate pizzas. That's the beauty of pizza — you don't have to feel pressured to order the same thing!

When your pizza comes to the table, let it cool for a few minutes before taking your first slice. This will help keep the toppings from sliding off the top and making a mess. You don't want gooey sauce and cheese down your shirt on date night.

Pizza may not be the fanciest of foods, but that's actually what makes it such an amazing choice for date night! Head to your local pizza shop, and really get to know each other over a pie or two.