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6 Uncommon Foods To Have Catered At Your Wedding

When it comes to planning a wedding, many people want to have a unique event. Adding unique elements, like food, can be a great way to make the event stand out.

Here are six uncommon food themes that couples may want to consider having catered for their wedding. Check out local catering companies to see if these options will work for your reception.

1 - Food Trucks

Food trucks are great options for a wedding, especially because you can bring in several types of food. Food trucks with burgers, tacos, and even ice cream can make your wedding special for everybody.

One perk of having food trucks is that they can be set up in different areas. Guests can walk around and try a variety of foods from the same truck or from several different trucks.

2 - Fondue

A great option for a classy wedding, fondue will allow guests to dip their own items into melted chocolate or cheese. Fondue can be served as a starter, a snack, or even as a main course.

Fondue items you might serve include vegetables, steak, seafood, and fruit.

3 - Family-Style Meals

While many weddings use buffets and served items, family-style dinners are still a great option. They allow guests to interact with each other while passing around platters of food.

Serving a family-style meal can make your wedding feel cozy and intimate. You could offer a variety of meats, vegetables, and side dishes for people to share. For example, you might offer several entrees, like chicken or pasta, and a variety of tasty sides.

4 - Farm-to-Table Meals

Farm-to-table meals are becoming increasingly popular for weddings. This type of meal uses ingredients from local farms and can be tailored to the season.

This type of food is a great way to show your commitment to sustainability while giving guests a delicious meal. You could also use locally sourced wines, beers, and liquors to pair with the meal.

5 - Interactive Food Stations

Interactive food stations are a great way to keep guests entertained. These stations can include items like build-your-own tacos, gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, and sliders.

6 - Grazing Tables

Grazing tables are becoming more popular for weddings and other events. This type of meal features a variety of charcuterie, cheeses, crackers, fruits, nuts, and other items that can be shared by guests.

Talk to a Caterer to Set Up Your Perfect Event

Talk to a catering service in your area to see if these options are available for your wedding. With the right caterer, you'll be able to have the perfect meal for a memorable day.